Virucidal Sanitizer & Deodorant

Virucidal Sanitizer & Deodorant

미네랄 살균·탈취제

Virucidal Sanitizer & DeodorantM.C. V Zero works as a sanitizer, deodorant that sterilizes viruses

Features of M.C. V Zero

The M.C. V Zero contains absolutely no chemical compounds. It is instead made of ClO2 which in turn is made of electrolyzed water distilled and cleaned through the process of manufacturing raw liquid.

  • Features of M.C. V Zero 01

    The consistency of PH is set at 11.4.

  • Features of M.C. V Zero 02

    The sanitizing and deodorizing effect of pure chlorine dioxide is far superior to that of ethanol or clorox.

  • Features of M.C. V Zero 03

    Chlorine dioxide is a germicide of the oxygen type recognized by WHO as a food additive.

  • Features of M.C. V Zero 04

    Among the existing sanitizers, chlorine dioxide is the most powerful variety next to ozone, 99.99% capable of destroying viruses.

  • Features of M.C. V Zero 05

    Chlorine dioxide is environment-friendly. It does absolutely no harm to the human body and is safe enough to be used in cleansing all kinds of food including vegetables and fruits.

  • Features of M.C. V Zero 06

    When sprayed once with ClO2, the sanitizing effect will remain in force for 24 hours.

  • Features of M.C. V Zero 07

    Even a modest amount of ClO2 sprayed in a given space will keep the area surrounding it under the effect of sanitizer. Thus it sanitizes your space economically.

The question of efficacy of our products has been sanctioned through
inspection by KTR and registered as such with the U.S. FDA. Remember, it was ClO2 that decontaminated the U.S. Capitol when the building was attacked by anthrax back on Oct 5, 2001.