Mineral Salt Mask

Mineral Salt Mask

Mineral Salt Mask

The Mineral Salt MaskSALT V MASK
(3 Ply Dental Type and KF94-style 3D Type)

Powerful and Yet Safe to Use


Morningcalmsalt manufactures its products using mineral brine that contains various natural inorganic and eco-friendly raw materials such as kelp, charcoal, and bamboo, which are heated in combination as concentrate at a high temperature.

The mineral brine mentioned is then coated with polypropylene (PP) SS2, 25g filters. Of the ingredients of salt, Mgo (magnesium oxide) filled with mineral-rich Nacl carries a powerful 99.99% capacity as disinfectant and germicide destroying any virus upon contact.
Another notable invention is a salt mask that, coated with ion-generating particles of mineral of the silica type of Slo2, renders breathing very easy for the person wearing it as anion and cation occur automatically.

The salt mask mentioned has been made to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. It is a groundbreaking product invented by Morningcalmsalt Co., Ltd. for the first time in the world. It is a sophisticated bio-scientific mask that can be worn by basil patients of all ages.


The Sanitizing & Antibacterial Action: Salt V Mask has been invented as an eco-friendly salt-sensitive skin because it comes with special mineral salt coated on virus-free Nano chemical fibers, thus generating perfect deodorant effectiveness up to 99.999%. Particularly notable is its sterilizing, anti-bacterial power engendered by refined and dissolved chlorine (MgO).


Patent registration to protect the intellectual property right of these products has been filed with the government. Their efficacy has been verified through inspection by KTR (Korea Testing & Research Institute). The products are also registered as safe items with the United States FDA. Registration with the European CE is pending.

Features of The Mineral Salt Mask - SALT V MASK
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    Features of The Mineral Salt Mask01

    Powerfully effective as a sanitizer.
    (Corona virus is killed instantly
    upon contact with this mask)

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    Features of The Mineral Salt Mask02

    Perfectly effective as

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    Features of The Mineral Salt Mask03

    Anion and cation occur

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    Features of The Mineral Salt Mask04

    Each Salt V Mask carries a built-in Nacl filter
    composed of Sio2, mineral, and Nano molecules developed by
    Morningcalmsalt’s R&D team.

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    Features of The Mineral Salt Mask05

    As a result of bio-science research, the Salt V Mask
    produces no dermatological side effects.