About Morningcalsalt Co., Ltd.

About Morningcalsalt Co., Ltd.

The company takes pride in its dependable, scientifically
verified healthcare products of high quality developed
with its cutting-edge bio-technology. Morningcalmsalt

Salt is an essential substance that has been with us since the birth of mankind.

Human’s use of salt is about 6,500 years old.
Humans have misused the wisdom of consuming the salt as food. they are thus unable to live by enjoying the life expectancy of 120 years given by heaven.

Medical scientists found problems with salt more than 2,000 years ago, but it is regrettable that they still haven't found harmful elements hidden in the salt.

It is believed that salt replaced the currency and that the culprit was responsible for the complacency salt producers who prevented the development and evolution of salt through their autocratic distribution in lieu of the price and value of commodities in trading.

This year, in 2020, Dr. Kwang Kyung Lee (the most authentic salt expert in Land of Morning Calm) has successfully invented a truly non-toxic variety of mineral salt – a feat that has all of us at Morningcalmsalt Company jubilant. Personally, I am proud to have been part of his research team. Prof. Lee has pursued his research for three decades against all odds and amid jeers, determined to attain his goal to present the world a mineral salt so clean and healthy that a mom can feed it to her newborn baby worry-free, toxin-free.

Having identified harmful molecules in the salt that hinder longevity directly, Dr. Lee developed a way to obliterate them so people can really live long according to God’s design. I am positive that, within the next ten years, practically all existing salts in the foods we eat today will be replaced by the non-toxic salt Prof. Lee has invented.

Salt plays a very important role in our body.
It is essential for the body to keep all its nerve cells and metabolism operable actively while its immune system remains strong enough to fight off the harmful bacteria. Salt is absolutely vital in this regard. The average person must take 13 grams of salt per day – 5 g to produce insulin, 7 to make digestive fluid, 2-3 g for her/his sweat glands numbering 1.7 trillion to exit.

Dr. Salt was a professor of life and food science teaching and researching at universities and an entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in salt industry. After retirement, he took upon himself a mission to make the 120-year longevity a reality. That is why he and I are working together with a passion as the founder and chief executive officer respectively of Morningcalmsalt, a company dedicated to Green Life and advancement of health for humanity.